Zibawa Open IoT – Features

Zibawa Open IoT – Features

Zibawa Open IoT interfaces with the following open source software to provide the following functionality.,

Grafana provides rich funcionality for creating, editing and sharing dashboards, and monitoring through alarms.

Influx is the preferred backend database for Zibawa. It provides seamless interface with Grafana, and its api provides a simple yet secure interface for 3rd party applications to interface with your data.


Rabbitmq provides reliable message queuing and an interface for MQTT.   Rabbit can also expose a MQTT  interface using web sockets for web applications.  RabbitMQ also provides an interface for monitoring message queues.

Open LDAP provides a security perimeter around the application to ensure that both user and device access is controlled via encrypted communication and secure password vault.

Zibawa brings all the above elements so that they will work together, providing device management, testing, and adding message enrichment, so that a short IoT message will be stored with complete information about the device and channel, and the  acceptable limits for the data.

Kura provides an open source gateway software which provides an interface with sensors, either directly, or via bluetooth low energy or modbus.