Zibawa open IoT enables you to securely collect and store data and interact with IoT devices or other software.

Here are some examples:


Sensors can inform us about the situation of machines, processes or people. Once connected to the internet, the data can be stored, viewed, used for statistical analysis or could be used to control other devices.

Temperature sensors

Movement sensors

Vibration sensors

Pressure data, and many more!

Android devices

Android devices (smartphones) are can send and receive data from Zibawa to enable us to store, analyse and graph the information, or to control other devices from a smart phone.

GPS coordinates


Customer specific data from apps.



Wearable devices can transmit and receive information to the internet, either directly or via our smartphones.


Electro-mechanical relays or other control mechanisms can be controlled from other connected devices , either sensors, or android devices such as smart phones.

Computer Applications

Because Zibawa is 100% open source, it is easy to interface with your other computer applications such as ERP, SQL etc.  You can obtain past or current data using well documented applications which are designed for just this purpose, using open source languages such as python or java.  This also means that as new applications appear in the IoT world, you can replace any of the Zibawa building blocks with new ones.